Additions to the Komfort in 2016


Because the Komfort had its inspection in 2016 (passed with flying colours ) I thought I might as well get all the little “to-dos” on my list done in 2016 – and so I did

First up was a new towhitch, not because the old one was rusted away, but because it was ugly . . . → Read More: Additions to the Komfort in 2016

Once again, time has flown…


2016 has been a busy year, and I haven’t made a single update on the site… Well, at least 2017 is getting of to a better start, even though the stories in the beginning, are from 2016

2016 was the year when the Daily Komfort was decommissioned – lots of little things which I was . . . → Read More: Once again, time has flown…

Details, details…


So, not a lot has been happening on the vehicular front lately, the Steingrau has passed inspection with the new towhitch – but has yet to tow anything

Besides the inspection, something has transpired though: I found a (used) set of mudflaps for the type44, which are quite hard to come by – probably not . . . → Read More: Details, details…

Proper wheels for the Santana


When I got the Santana back in 2009, the original wheels looked like this:

and because they weren’t exactly pretty, they were temporarily replaced by aftermarket alloys, until I got the chance to bead-blast and paint the original ones…. Well.. 6 years later I got around to that part of my to-do list

I got a . . . → Read More: Proper wheels for the Santana

Tinkering with the Toyota


The Toyota’s windshield had an unfortunate encounter with something which left behind quite an impression, or rather; a chip – Fortunately the chip was in the lower corner of the windshield, so I decided it was the perfect candidate to try out one of those “do it yourself – chip away” kits

I won’t go . . . → Read More: Tinkering with the Toyota

Locating the ECU – Audi 100 C4


So, long story short; for the first time in the many years that I’ve driven cars with the glorious 2309 ccm Audi five cylinder (NG/NF2/AAR), I’ve now seen an ECU go bad  (not in one of my cars though, but in my mothers C4 )

After the diagnosis, the next step was to actually get to . . . → Read More: Locating the ECU – Audi 100 C4

Tinkering with the Trend


The Trend recently had it’s mandatory inspection, and it passed with one minor fault; the hose connecting the fuel filler and the fuel tank was past its prime:

(I made the cut which goes from one side to the other when removing the hose, but the crack in the middle was “self-inflicted” )

Luckily, the hose is . . . → Read More: Tinkering with the Trend

Steingrau details


A few more things have now been ticked off on my Steingrau to-do list

Firstly I’ve changed the hydraulic fluid, even though it’s not more than a year since it was done last – so, why do it again already?
Well, the previous owner had been kind enough to keep a record of what he had . . . → Read More: Steingrau details

The Steingrau gets hitched


Not that I intend to make the Steingrau work hard for her living, but once in a while it’s nice to be able to hook something to the back… In order to do that, you have to have a tow hitch

Removing the non-tow-hitch back bumper takes about thirty seconds (yes really, thirty seconds, unless . . . → Read More: The Steingrau gets hitched

First stage of the Steingrau upgrade is complete


Since the last post – I’ve been working on the Steingrau whenever time and the weather permitted.

Not everything went exactly as I had planned; among other things, the Steingrau is the first facelift type 44 I’ve come across to not have preparation for electric mirrors and front foglights, so I had to add more wiring than . . . → Read More: First stage of the Steingrau upgrade is complete